Playa del Carmen Weather

Playa del Carmen weather is mostly consistent throughout the year with some changes depending on the season.

You can bet though that anytime of year you come to Playa you will experience very comfortable weather as well as the ocean a comfy temperature to swim in.

The average temperature here in Playa is 80 degrees (27C) but don't forget that the Riviera Maya has some high humidity so it may actually feel much hotter than the temperature.

Whether you come in the mid of summer or winter you will most likely experince great weather.

Lets walk through the seasons together to give you an idea of the changes you may see so you can decide which season you want to visit Playa.

The Spring and Summer are the most expensive times to come as it is the peak season, so you can get a better deal by coming in the Fall and Spring.

Summer (June - August) - This is the hottest time of year in Playa. The humidity is very high and the days are hot, making it perfect for lots of time in the pool and ocean to cool off. You definitly will not get chilly at any point in the summer. The nights cool off a tiny bit because the sun has gone down but it is still very warm and you don't need a light jacket. If there is any rainfall it will most likely just be for short spurts of less than an hour.

Spring (February - May) - Playa del Carmen weather in the springtime is very pleasant. The foliage and flowers are in perfect bloom and the weather during the day is sunny and nice. It's not as hot as in the summer but the weather is pleasant and you can swim in the ocean with no problem. The evenings cool down a bit more in the Spring and if your cold natured (like I am) I bring a sweather for the evening walks on the beach.

Winter (November - January) - The winter in the Riviera Maya is unlike the winter anywhere else. This is the coolest time of the year and a chance of cooler wind is common. The ocean maintains a warm temperature but you may want to check with your resort to see if they have a heated pool. It is not always necessary but it may be to chilly to really swim in a un-heated pool.

Fall (September - October) - Playa del Carmen weather in the Fall has a bit more chance to be rainy as it is the rainy season. However, my experience is that it varies and most of the time it's just gorgeous here with only a light short shower in the afternoon occasionally. This is a cheaper time to come and still definitly warm enough to swim in the pool and the ocean! It's actually one of the best times to come because it's less crowded too.

This is definitly the place to come year round for gorgeous weather where you can swim anytime of the year!

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