Mexico Car Rentals in the Riviera Maya

Mexico car rentals are a great way to get around the Riviera Maya Mexico!

The freedom is great, to be able to go where you want to and when you want to.

When thinking about car rentals, you have a few different options.

1) Rent a car from the airport

2) Rent a vehicle from your hotel or resort

3) Rent a car the cheapest way and while sitting in your hotel room Let's look at these a bit closer.

If you fly into the Cancun or Cozumel airports, you will have the option to get mexico car rentals in cancun Mexico or Cozumel from the airport and drive it to your hotel, resort or destination.

This is a very easy option.

It may take you an extra hour from the time you arrive at the airport until you drive away in the car, because it's Mexico and things take a little longer.

You will pay the most money renting a car this way, but it is very convenient.

You can also rent a car through the resort or hotel that you are staying in. Most resorts have the ability to set that up for you onsite. This will of course be a more expensive option and is comparable in price to renting one from the airport. However, if you just want one for one day to do a day trip somewhere then it may be the best option for you.

The cheapest option and easy transportation in Mexico in the Riviera Maya would be to call a local car rentals place in Cancun Mexico and arrange with them to bring the car to where you are.

Whether it is your all inclusive resort, hotel or restaurant.

They are great with working out the details and you will save a ton of money doing this!!

So how do you do this, you might ask. Well, since getting a car at the airport is muy expensioso, arrange with your hotel or who you booked your hotel through to take the shuttle from the airport to your hotel.

This is how most people get to their hotel and it is like a well oiled machine at the airport so it's quite easy to figure out which shuttle you need to get on.

When you get to your hotel, checked in, relaxed, maybe have a drink or two...then you can call a local Cancun car rental place. You can get your rental car that day or arrange it for a few days into your trip.

You will get a great deal either way, but the longer you book it for, the cheaper the price will be per day. The things to make sure of are:

1) That they can drop off the car and pick it back up from your hotel or resort. They are used to this, so don't think it is a strange request.

2) Either get rental car insurance in Mexico, or make sure that your personal car insurance will cover it. Some insurances will cover it up to a certain amount of miles into Mexico (if your from the US), but you will need to make sure.

3) Get car insurance!!! Yep, I said it again because it's that important. Mexico is different than other countries and you do not want to end up in trouble because you wrecked the car.

You don't need anything keeping you from your return flight home. So pay the extra few bucks.

The first time my husband and I did this, we only paid $100 for an entire week of a rental car from a great Mexico car rentals place.

The all inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya that we were staying at was saying the cheapest was $75 a day. Granted, our car was not a Mercedez or BMW, but it was a Volkswagon and it ran great!

I don't want to recommend any certain car rental places as they all seem to be fine overall. Don't be leary of using a small, local place to rent a car from.

Most likely they will not jack up the 'tourist' price, but instead give it to you at the Mexican price and it would be a similar car to the ones overly priced at the airport.

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