All Inclusive Resorts

All Inclusive resorts in the Riviera Maya have everything you desire in a vacation! What makes these resorts different than others is that for ONE PRICE they provide your accomodations, food, drinks, alcoholic drinks and entertainment!

The benefit is you pay one time and don't have to worry about it again (unless you choose to tip). A lot of times this is ideal for honeymoons

There are a wide variety of one price resorts from cheap all inclusive resorts to 5 star resorts.

Let's look at the different items that are included in an all inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya Mexico.

Dining at All Inclusive Hotels

Mexico all inclusive resorts will have anywhere from one restaurant to 9+ if they include sister properties (hotels that are also in the area and owned by the same company) that you are able to use. Being that it is an all inclusive resort means that you can eat as much as you want at any of the restaurants on the property. If you desire to eat seven times a day then you can!

Some resorts in the Riviera Maya may have restaurants that are buffet style only, but most that you will find will have both buffet style and a la carte dining choices for you to choose from.

Check with your specific resort in the Riviera Maya, but some will require that upon your arrival you make reservations with the restaurants you plan to eat at. I have not actually run into this myself, but I know some do require this and you don't want to be stuck not being able to eat at the favorite restaurant at the resort.

If your specific resort does not require reservations then you are able to go at any time and not have too much of a wait before seating.

I am not a fan of waiting to eat, so sometimes my husband and I will go to dinner right when the restaraunt opens and then several hours later get dessert at another dinner place at the resort.

Alcohol & Drinks at your Resort

Mexico inclusive resorts will include any drink at the resort and alcoholic drinks included in the price you pay when you book the resort.

This literally means that at any bar at the resort you can walk up, order a drink and not pay a thing. You can get as many drinks as you want during your stay..there is no limit.

There is usually a mini bar in your resort room as well that is stocked with beer, soda, water and at higher class resorts, you may have premium liquor in your room (At most 5 star all inclusive resorts). On a rare occasion your resort may charge for the liqour, but I have yet to find one that does.

At any bar at the resort in the Riviera Maya, you will be able to get soda's, various non-alcoholic drinks and water as well. Many resorts will have pool service and beach service where waiters will service you with drinks and/or food. This is also included in the price. Are you convinced yet that you will be completely spoiled!

Entertainment at the Hotel

Most all inclusive resorts (especially the large ones) will have entertainment for their guests that is included. They will have anywhere from one night of entertainment to nightly entertainment.

The larger the hotel or resort in the Riviera Maya, the more entertainment that will be provided for guests. Your all inclusive Caribbean vacation will be even more memorable enjoying some of the great shows the Riviera Maya has to offer.

Entertainment varies from a fire show, Michael Jackson show to the Las Vegas show. You can definitly find something that sparks your interest.

Other entertainment at resorts includes ping pong, pool, aerobics, bikes to ride around, volleyball, catamarans, kayaks and lots more. The Spa at your all inclusive

If a resort has a spa, then any spa treatments are not included in the all inclusive price. You have to pay extra for these services.

Is it a better deal to book inclusive resorts?

You will get a great deal financially if you go with all inclusive vacation packages. The bottom line is, you will most definitly pay less by going to this type of beach resort, than paying seperatly for your hotel, food, drinks and entertainment. If you are going for cheap all inclusive vacations then all inclusive is the way to go. It is still usually worth it even if you leave the resort for a couple meals out. You can get a really nice all inclusive resort for around $100 a night and normally that is just how much you would pay for your housing at a hotel. Tipping at all inclusive resorts and hotels

When booking a vacation at an all inclusive resort you will find that it is not necessary to tip for services such as for your waiters and bellboys. However, I have done both, sometimes I tip for my entire vacation and sometimes I never tip. I have a rule that if I receive exceptional service, I will then tip a few bucks. Just remember, it is not required.

Playa del Carmen is a smaller beach city that is jam packed with hotels and resorts and so their all inclusive hotels may not have all the same amenities as the larger ones in the outskirts of Playa.

There are all inclusive family resorts and all inclusive adult only resorts so whichever you prefer you can find the best one for your trip.

If you check out websites such as they have lots of last minute all inclusive options for you to choose from if you don't need much time to plan ahead.

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