Travel Advice & Tips to Make Your Vacation a Breeze!

Maybe it's your first time to the Riviera Maya, maybe it's your 9th, either way some travel advice is always helpful.

I wish someone would have given me some much needed advice and helpful hints before my first vacation to the Mexico beaches.

It's a beautiful place, but also a different world and there are some things that will be helpful for you to know to get the best out of your trip and be the most prepared!

We all love to go shopping, whether it's gifts for others or presents for ourselves (at least that's what I like to call it!). There are lots of places you can shop at in the Riviera Maya. Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Tulum are the larger cities that have great shopping experiences. If your real lucky (and I'm being sarcastic) then you will have sales people at your own hotel! I say that sarcastically because that is the MOST expensive way to buy a bottle of tequila or shot glass..BUT it is convenient if you don't plan on leaving the hotel.

Here in Mexico we do a thing called 'bargaining'. This means...never ever never never pay full price for anything (that is unless you want to get out of the store in less than 2 minutes).

This tourist information is the key for getting things at a cheap price but takes some practice and work on your part.

Remember..your in advice: Things shouldn't cost even half as much as they would in the USA, so you don't want to pay for a guys mortgage for the entire year just because you bought a watch from him (I say this because I personally witnessed this on the beach).

There is so much more travel advice about shopping to learn before your big trip! Wherever you are traveling from, you will probably be flying into either Cancun or Cozumel (both of which are wonderful airports). You will be welcommed with waving palm trees, the warm breezy air hitting your face and the beautiful sunshine gleaming on you.

It's always nice to be aware of what you are to expect at the airport when you arrive.

Probably the most important thing is getting transportation to your hotel or resort. This can sometimes be a scary thing especially in a new country and when there are 20 people outside the airport wanting your business.

It's helpful to know what is a good price for a taxi, bus, van or other type of transportation to get to your accomodations. I've done the shopping and have all the info you need.

The whole process can be overwhelming if you don't plan well or know what to expect. However, when you do it's super easy and you will feel like a pro with these easy travel tips.

Also when at the airport you will have the opportunity to exchange money, into pesos if you would like.

Travel advice: Most resorts accept US dollars and credit cards but you will get more for your money if you want to bargain shop with pesos. There is lots more to find out about exchanging money that will prepare you for a successful vacation! If your like me then you love new languages! I'm just fascinated by them. I must say I don't have this incredible gifting for learning them but I sure do love to try!!

Spanish is such a fun and beautiful language and actually not that difficult to learn!

What I have come to notice in Mexico is that Mexicans love it when foreigners try to speak their language, Spanish.

We usually pronouce it a little funny and put emphasis on the wrong letter but they just get a kick out us trying.

I think it is so wonderful to learn a few spanish phrases such as hello, how are you and thank you. These few words you will get to use over and over again and it will truly be a blessing to others.

Travel advice: Learn a few easy phrases in Spanish!

Now of course you have to figure out your packing list for your upcoming trip or vacation!

Travel advice & tip: Hotels and resorts will usually provide most of your bathroom essentials and some maybe a few extras.

If you forget to pack something then you will most likely have to purchase it in the resort gift shop which will easily be double the price.

If your going on some excusions then there are certain things to remember to bring for those trips as well.

Travel tip: Pack your swimsuit and an extra pair of clothes in you carryon bag, because if you get to the hotel and aren't able to check into your room yet, you can easily change clothes in the bathroom and head down to the beach while your luggage is safely at the front desk.

Speaking of tips, tipping is recommended at all inclusive resorts. The resort will say that you don't have to tip, and know that you don't HAVe to, but it is nice and you will sometimes receive better service. A few bucks is enough for meals and such.

While staying at your resort you need to check with the front desk to make sure you can drink the water. All of the nicer 4-5 star hotels have purified water so you can brush your teeth and drink it with no concern at all. Some of the cheaper hotels may not be the same so check upon your arrival.

Travel tip: If you are out and about in the non-tourist areas of Mexico then I would only drink bottled water to be safe.

Are you wanting to visit Cozumel while your in Mexico?

I would definitly recommend it as it is only a short ferry ride away and just a beautiful place!

Getting to Cozumel is incredibly easy! There are 2 ferry boats that depart from Playa del Carmen almost every hour. Here is their daily ferry schedule.

Most hotels in the area will provide transportation to get to Playa del Carmen and then you just follow the signs to the ferry and buy your tickets and hop on the ferry. In just a few minutes you will be at the beautiful island! Hope this travel advice helps you on your way!

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