Riviera Maya Tours

Riviera Maya Tours are short day trips to enjoy various activities in the Riviera Maya area. If your planning a trip to this beautiful part of the country then you must plan on participating in some of the one of a kind activities and tours that are offered.

What Riviera Maya Tours are offered?

There are plenty of activities to choose from. Since the Riviera Maya is on the Caribbean, you can enjoy snorkeling cenotes or great reefs, swimming with dolphins, drive speed boat, scuba diving, ride dune buggies or 4-wheelers.

There are shopping excursions in Cancun and Playa del Carmen that are sure to give you a real Mexican shopping experience.

You can zipline, take a day trip to Cozumel, rent scooters and just about anything you want to do!

The options are endless when it comes to Riviera Maya tours.

How do I book tours?

You have several options for booking tours. When you book your vacation, if you choose to go through a major online company such as Cheap Caribbean, then they will usually give you the option at the end to purchase some tours through them. This is a good option if you know what you want and want to have it done.

This is not however the only way to book an excursion. There are many websites that only offer tour bookings. You can do an easy google search to find one that looks good. You will see that there are over a hundred to choose from. Some may combine two or three activities into one tour.

You can usually book this way up to the day before the tour starts.

When you arrive in the Riviera Maya, you will most likely have a representative at your hotel that will book any tour for you as well. They have a comprehensive list and can tell you the exact times they will pick you up at the hotel and bring your back. This is a great way to book if you aren't sure which days you want to leave the hotel until you actually arrive and settle in.

When you arrive at the airport in Mexico, there will be lots of tour guides at the airport telling you about all kinds of tours you can do and that you can even get them for free. This is true, but it usually requires you to take about 4-5 hours of your day and look at a hotel. It's worth it to some people and some it isn't.

How much do Riviera Maya tours cost?

The costs of Mexico excursions will vary depending on how long it will take and how far away it is and of course which activity you choose. They can be anywhere from $35 to $250. Some will take only a few hours or you can book all day tours that encompass several different activities.

Whatever your budget is, you will be able to find something affordable and it doesn't hurt to sometimes do a little negotiating if you need to, especially if you go to the Riviera Maya Mexico in the off season.

What will I need to take with me on tours?

This will definitly depend on which tour you take. If you plan on swimming then definitly take a swimsuit, flip flops or water shoes and a change of clothes. For most locations that include swimming, they will have the option to rent a locker for a quarter or so and that is highly helpful so you can put your belongings in there and not have to worry about it.

A must is a CAMERA! You want to capture every minute of this memory you are about to make! Sometimes even getting an underwater camera will be worth it!

You will need to check and see if a towel will be provided and if not, to bring one with you.

Think through what you will need to be comfortable and make sure you bring it, such as a light jacket, goggles, a coverup for your swimsuit, etc.

Is my food included during a tour?

Sometimes your food will be included in the full price of your tour. You will need to find this out at the time of booking. Some include it and some do not. It is popular where some tours will include a meal or at least a snack and drinks so make sure you find out when booking.

The tour operators have done a great job pleasing their customers and water is almost always readily available for you as a courtesy.

Depending on when you leave and return from your excursion, make sure to think ahead to decide if you need to eat at your hotel before you leave or if you need to make your hotel reservations for dinner before you leave for the day.

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