Simple Spanish Phrases and Words

So your headed to Mexico and what better way to be prepared then to learn a few spanish phrases and words to help you interact better with the locals.

It's important to know a few very easy espanol words to get ready for your vacation!

On a typical day you can use this language several times.

The locals love it when visitors speak their language, even if it is only a few words.

There will be many opportunities to use the Spanish language, such as when your transportation is taking you to your family hotel or adult resort. Greeting those that are helping you and the entire time at your resort. Most people do also speak English, but the Mexicans love it when you try to speak their language.

If you stuck in bad weather waiting for your transportation, it's a good chance to practice!

Plus, it's part of the culture! Jump on in! Hello - Hola (pronounced Ola)

Goodbye - Adios

Thank you - Gracias (grah-thyas)

Money - Dinero

I have no money - Yo no dinero

How much - Cuanto Cuesta

Yes - Si (see)

No - No

Please - Por favor

Good night - Buenas noches (bweh-nas noh ches)

How are you? - Como esta (koh-moh es-tah)

Very well, thanks - Muy bien gracias

Can you help me? - Me puede ayudar

I don't understand - No entiendo

Sorry - Perdon

Where - Donde

When - Cuando

Why - Por que

Who - Quien

Which - Qual

Where is... - Donde esta

How many - Cuantos

What's that? - Que es eso

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