Tipping Advice in the Riviera Maya Mexico

Is tipping different in the Riviera Maya Mexico than in other parts of the world?

When in the Riviera Maya you will have many opportunities to bless those that help you and give you great service that is worthy of a gift.

Good advice for your travel to Mexico is always have at least a few bucks or pesos on hand at all times.

Giving a few bucks in the Riviera Maya and Cancun Mexico areas really isn't much different than anywhere else in the world. In Mexico, you tend to get great service for lots of different things and you want to give them a few pesos or dollars to let them know they are doing a great job.

As you are off the plane ready to get to your Hotel or Resort, probably tired of traveling and headed to your mode of transportation, there will be lots of people there wanting to take your bags to your bus/van or taxi.

They expect a small blessing if you allow them to take your bags. It is fine to tell them you will take the bags yourself if you prefer not to.

If you use this service, it is fine to give him $1 or $2 depending on how much luggage you have and how far you are walking.

Whether you are taking a bus, van or car to your hotel, it is up to you if you want to give a few pesos to the driver, especially if the weather is bad. In almost every van there will be a jar for tipping. Most people don't give money to the driver because they have already paid for the transportation service, but if the service was amazing and worth it, then by all means, giving $1 or $2 is fine.

Taxi drivers are not usually given extra money but if he provides extra services like carrying your bags, etc. then consider giving him a few pesos is OK. Practice a few spanish phrases and it will help you.

Upon arrival at your resort, there will surely be a bellboy to take your bags to your room. This is where you definitly want to tip. The amounts depends on how many bags and how far he has to carry them. You can give him anywhere from $1 - $3 a bag.

You arrive at your beautifully decorated room and sit down for a moment to take it all in that you finally made it!

You will have at least once a day maid service, but some of the upper class resorts will have twice daily maid service.

You can pay your maid however you choose. You can give her daily $1 or $2 a day is fine. Or if you choose you can pay her one time for all her services, either at the beginning of the trip or at the end. This amount will depend on the amount of days you are staying. $1 - $2 a day is fine.

If you go out to restaurants not at your resort, then it is acceptable in Mexico to give gratuity to your waiter.

Check your bill before paying extra gratuity, because sometimes they will add it to your bill so you do not want to double pay. Tipping at a restaurant is suggested at 10% - 15%.

Are you going to an All Inclusive Resort?

If you are, then you have probably read that gratuities are included in the all inclusive price, therefore you do not need to pay the gratuity.

This is true, however, you can still pay extra if you choose to do so. Some people will tell you that you have to, others will say you don't.

I have done both, and I never received less service by not paying extra.

So, it is up to you. At your meals you can pay gratuity either at each meal, only when you receive outstanding service, or at the end of your trip. There is no cookie cutter way of doing this at an all inclusive resort since you don't have to.

If you take a drive to Playa del Carmen or Tulum, you may end up stopping at a gas station. You will quickly notice that you don't fill your own tank.

An attendant is there to fill your tank and likely wash your windshield. You may tip him a few pesos for his service.

Paying gratuity is usually utilized when you received exceptional service. So feel free to tip less or more depending on the service you receive.

You will quickly realize the hospitality that awaits you in the Riviera Maya. It's more than a job for these people, it's their culture.

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