Mexico Shopping Tips

Mexico Shopping is a must during your vacation in the Riviera Maya!

Pick a nice weather day so you can enjoy being outside.

There are so many local handicrafts that are unique only to this area that you can get for great prices.

The Yucatan Peninsula is known also for it's semi precious stones which are:

Turquoise, Opal, Onyx,

Amethyst, Gold, Ruby

and Lapis Lazuli.

Whether you like bracelets, earrings or necklaces you can find these in many different types of jewerly.

Honeymoons are a great time to buy your special someone a piece of jewerly they will never forget.

The beautiful thing about shopping in the Riviera Maya is the Mexican culture has beautiful and bright items. Hammocks are bright blue, green or orange and the hand painted items are just immaculate!

Different items that you will find in the Riviera Maya are hats, sombreros, hammocks, clothing, beach swimsuits and cover ups, jewerly, watches, and lots of little souvenier items that say Mexico, or the Riviera Maya.

You will also find Mayan handicrafts that are special only to this area.

While Mexico shopping in the Riviera Maya try to avoid buying from people on the beach or selling on the streets because you don't know the quality of what they are selling. You don't want to be ripped off.

Some sellers may try to sell a material that looks like silver but is very cheap material and will blacken easily. You can't tell by just looking at it, so avoid buying in places like this to ensure the quality of what you are getting.

Great Places to Shop:

Your hotel(such as the Valentin Imperial Maya or Secrets Maroma) will probably have a shop (it may be more expensive, but convenient)

Playa del Carmen is full of boutiques only a few blocks from the ocean and plenty of places to choose from.

Puerto Moreles is a smaller town than Playa but has a few shops as well, including internet cafes and since it's smaller it's much easier to get around.

Cancun is a much larger city, so if your up for it, spend the day shopping in the heart of Cancun!

You can easily take a taxi, or even a shuttle from your hotel to either of these areas.

Also, you will be glad to hear there is a Walmart and Sam's Club in Playa del Carmen if you are in the need of a few things that you forgot on your packing list. One of the unique things about the Mexican culture in the Riviera Maya is barter shopping. Not just looking for good deals, but actually negotiating over the prices.

This is the way to go Mexico shopping. Don't ever ever ever take the first price as the final amount, unless your in a upper class store that doesn't barter(there is usually a sign on the door as you enter).

You will find all kinds of great shops selling bright dresses, t-shirts, mayan jewerly, hammocks, handpainted pottery, cigars, baskets and lots of other stuff.

When you are ready to barter for something, take the item and and offer a price to the store worker. If you are not satisfied with the price he comes back with, then keep negotiating.

This is where knowing a few spanish phrases can come in handy.

If you are in a tourist area, then expect to see tourist prices.

They could be marked up over 500%, so start low when bartering.

Shopping in Mexico, whether it's Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, or Cancun can truly be a lot of fun!

Now you can go back to your hotel and enjoy your adult vacations or family vacations knowing you bought all your souveniers for a good price!

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