Your Packing List for the Riviera Maya

Your on your way to the Riviera Maya Mexico, you haven't started making a packing list because your unsure what to bring...

You've been waiting for this trip for so long and the time is finally here! Whether your on your honeymoon or fun trip you will have an incredible time!

No need to worry about what clothes and things to take, I will help you think of everything so your packed and ready with a few pacing tips before you leave for your Mexico trip.

The beaches and luxury hotels in the Riviera Maya are breathtaking!

The gorgeous Caribbean sea and white sand awaits your arrival!

So you've learned a few spanish phrases , and checked to make sure the weather is ganna be great.. now your ready to pack!

Sure you have packed for trips before, but this trip is different! One thing I've realized about vacationing in Mexico is that you don't need to take as much as you think.

I normally start my packing list a month before my trip, one because I LOVE packing, and I'm not kidding, and two, so that I won't forget anything!

Mostly during the days that we are at the resort and not at an excusion, I just wear my swimsuit and a cute coverup.

Ok, clothing wise, you will want to bring at least 2 swimsuits. Why do you ask? Because you might wear one in the morning, and hang it up to dry but then want to go back out a few hours later to the pool but your swimsuit is still soaking wet. This way you always have a dry swimsuit.

What clothes and random items do you pack for the long, beautiful days in the Riviera Maya Mexico.

It gets pretty warm so anytime of year you can wear shorts during the day. After dark, it gets quite breezy from the air off the ocean so you will want to bring a light jacket, and pants depending on the season.

It does rain in Mexico, so a poncho could be nice as well, or you could just stay indoors when it's doesn't normally last long.

Mexico is not that different from other vacation spots, however, there are a few must have's that you want to bring that you might not have thought of.

Here is a good shopping list to use when packing:

Light jacket



Pants (men normally have to wear pants to dinner)



Tennis shoes

Water shoes (if you plan on snorkeling)

2 pair swimsuits or trunks

Swimsuit coverup



Hat (if you don't want too much sun)


Bath items

Airline ticket

Hotel confirmation number

Mosquito spray

Calling card (if you want to call home)


$1 bills for tipping to your packing!

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