Playa del Carmen Beach

Playa del Carmen Beach is located about 15 miles south of Cancun in the Riviera Maya Mexico.

This beach is comprised of pure fine sand with some exposed limestone in different areas.

Most of the beach you do not need to wear shoes and entering the water is smooth and not rocky.

There are a lot of public areas on this beach, so if your not staying right on the beach, there are places to park and enter the beach that are not private.

The sand is white and course.

It does get hot during the day so if you have sensitive feet you may want to bring your sandals if you plan to walk on the beach and not in the water.

This beach has lifeguards and is patrolled by the police and navy, so it feels very safe.

If you love to snorkel, this may not be the best spot because the coral is not lively in this area so there won't be many fish to admire.

For incredible snorkeling, you will want to try Maroma Beach.

There are several beaches that are all comprised within Playa del Carmen Beach such as Playa Tukan, Mamitas, Shangri La Beach, Zubul and Coco Beach. They are usually named after resorts.

The beaches are the same as I have described above, just named differently.

This beach is the closest to shopping areas as well. You can lay out on the beach and walk only a short distance to many lunch options.

Playa del Carmen becomes very lively at night, so if you enjoy the nightlife, this is a great beach to hang out on at night!

Some resort and hotels in this area are La Tortuga, Luna Blue Hotel.

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